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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

This Ruby Tuesday I have some shots of the Oregon State Fair. Each year in Salem, Oregon, we have a our State fair. Rides, exhibits, shows, food, games.... you name it we have it. My son and I went on this ride. I must have been crazy! The Zipper did have zip and my body felt it.
The next ride, which I didn't go on was the Slingshot. If you ever have done Bungy jumping this is close to it. Expensive though at $30 per ride, or two for $50. Wow!
Of course there is a lot for kids to do. Here my son, John, is trying out his sharp shooting skills at the NRA affiliated exhibit. Very accutate pellet type rifles powered by CO2 cartridges. It was a fun exhibit which also taught gun safety.
Ever held a baby chick? Here was a newly hatched being held by my son.
At last we had a some french fries for a snack. We had a great time at the fair, which runs through Labor Day. We are going back for more in a few days.
Have a great Ruby Day Tuesday. Join us by clicking on Ruby Day Tuesday.


Jan said...

Sounds like a great time at the fair, and you came up with a wonderful Ruby Tuesday post.

Jenty said...

Very cool! the first ride looks awesome!

Carletta said...

You certainly have a lot of courage to go on that ride!
I liked the touch of red ketchup at the end of your post!
It was a fair - gotta ask - did you have some yummy funnel cake?

Thanks for your visit to my tomato post and your lovely comments.

Mojo said...

Love that first shot... Bet it looks even better at night.

- Mojo

Ralph said...

How can you eat french fries after riding on the Zipper?

Melli said...

Ooo! Ooo! *raises hand* ME! I DID the Slingshot! In June... In Ocean City! Yep I did! I had done a similar ride two years ago on South Padre' Island too! They are great! This is just an AWESOME Ruby!

Denise said...

Hi, Richard
Fairs are excellent programs, and lots of fun guaranteed tasty food. Visited the blog of his wife, is beautiful and appetizing well, thank you for inviting me.
hugs, Denise

Dianne said...

I love all your fair photos!!

the shot of John holding the little chick is so sweet, he was so torn between loving the little animal and trying to look cool lol

my son was like that at that age.

Rambling Woods said...

I love our local fair, but we didn't get there this year, but it looks like your family had a really good time

dot said...

Enjoyed your fair pictures. It looked like great fun!

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