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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ABC Wednesday D is for Dahlia

D is for Dahlia, my favorite flower! It's ABC Wednesday and this is my first time posting and I figured that the Dahlia would be a good choice. I love growing flowers in our garden and capturing their splendor.

ABC Wednesday Round 3


Suburbia said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. That is a very delicate dahlia! My friend Rose was going to post a dead dahlia!!
Hope all is well with your day today!

Annie said...

Well, thankyou for the dahlia..it is lovely! Congrats on joining the abc wednesday posting!

Love your blog...I will be back no dount!

...and thanks for your visit to mine!


lv2scpbk said...

Love the flower. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Patty said...

Beautiful photo. I love the colors in that Dahlia. Great choice for this week.

Columbo said...

It was fun, enjoyed the comments

Tommy said...

beautiful flower and perfect D

laura said...

That is a beautiful shot Richard! Gorgeous!

Sara said...

Such delicate coloring...I like that the dahlia is only just beginning to open...

Denise said...

sorry I am a little late, but wanted to welcome you aboard ABC Wednesday! Great post.


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