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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Butterflies, Our 'Wings of Wonder'

Sunday was a great day visiting a the Wings of Wonder butterfly exhibit just south of Independence. They have an 'hands on' 2,400 sq ft butterfly exhibit conservatory where you can interact with the butterflies, touching and photographing the many different types of butterflies. It is helpful to download the 'What's flying Gallery' from their web site to assist in identifying the various butterflies. Click here for their web site http://wingsofwonder.us/.

During the afternoon I took numerous shots of the butterflies on exhibit and the beautiful landscape grounds surrounding the exhibit conservatory. It should be noted that this is Oregon's only year round butterfly exhibit. In addition, they have a student group hands-on life cycle class.

These are only a few shots of the many butterflies on display in the butterfly conservatory. I will be posting additional photos in the next few days of additional 'Wings of Wonder' and the surrounding flower gardens. I highly recommend this location for children and adults alike. Just be sure you bring your camera, you won't be disappointed.


The Mulligan Family said...

That was such a neat trip! You got some great shots that day. A perfect afternoon adventure. (Even though I thought we were lost!) XOXOXOX Cindy

Columbo said...

I knew exactly where I was going because of the metal plate (compass) in my head! Ha!
We will definitely go back to Wings of Wonder.

Melissa Weisbard said...

Love the butterfly photos! They are great.

Megan said...

Nature can make such beautiful creatures. Great photos. It must have been amazing being there and seeing it in person.

Columbo said...

Thanks for the great comments! One of my favorite creatures.

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