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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Williamette Valley Farmlands

Today as I drove to Silverton, I came across a vast array of various farmlands. As you can see we have flower farms, alfalfa farms, barley farms, and bean farms. Actually in Oregon you can just about grow anything. It does rain up in the great Northwest, so water is not as much as an issue up here. We do have some problems occasionally, but this years snow pack was good. Having been from California's San Joaquin Valley I am familiar with farmland and appreciate the efforts of our farmers. Oregon farms benefit our State and its people, and countless other states and countries. I am excited for the future of Oregon and believe that the farmers will play an important role. One of our favorite things to do is driving around to produce stands and making our selection of vegetables or fruits. Many stands have no one in attendance. All you do is leave the money in a box to pay for what you take. I guess there is still some honesty around these days.


Bruce said...

Great blog! Like the graphics, co;ors, pictures - everything looks great!

The Mulligan Family said...

Beautiful photos! Wish I could have been along with you for the drive. Love you! Cinderella!

The Christian Family said...

Great pics, Richard. I too love to watch all the crops grow. We had quite a variety just on my street: clover, wheat, Christmas trees, grass seed...

Megan said...

I would love to do fresh produce shopping like that. I am glad that there is still honest people in this world.

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