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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Prius

Will I finally did it. I got a Prius. I must say the gas mileage is superb averaging around 45MPG and saving mucho $ each month. My other car was a SUV getting around 13-20MPG. I am sold on the technology of the Prius and am looking forward to the new lithium ion battery pack due out October 2008. For those who don't know Hymotion out of Canada has a battery pack as an add on that will increase the mileage to up around 100mpg. It is a little pricey so I envision that the older Priuses might be a better choice for the battery pack. The web site for Hymotion is: http://a123systems.com/hymotion.
I failed to mention my 2005 Prius has over 225,000 miles on it and still going strong!


The Mulligan Family said...

It's a good car - and I'm really pleased with the money that we are saving on gasoline.

Denton said...

I like the green aspect of a Priuse however the driving factor, for me, would be 225,000 miles in three years. wow. That has to be a lot of savings.

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