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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

Today is
Ruby Tuesday and time to post something with a little or a lot of RED. Come join us by clicking here. Mary, thanks for hosting each week.
Son John and his pet snake Scalia. Scalia is a Ball Python.

Here is John, one happy son of mine, enjoying the Santiam River last summer near Salem, Oregon.

I love geraniums, can't wait to start my planting this Spring.

Have a great Ruby Tuesday, and remember for St. Patrick's Day next week it will be GREEN instead of RED.


Pagan Sphinx said...

It's always nice to see photos of happy children! And...uh... happy snakes! ;-)

Thanks for the blog visit. I like the idea of a bulb show where you can buy bulbs. The ones I go to are at the colleges and it's free to go into the greenhouse. I'll keep my eyes open for the type you describe you go to in Oregon.

Happy Ruby!

Felisol said...

I like the joy of life your pictures display, be it children, flowers or
ad signs.
A happy Tuesday to all of you
From Felisol

Mojo said...

Oh I'll bet that creeps a lot of people out doesn't it? Makes for some interesting photos though!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like a boy and his snake..That is a very cool pet to have I think.. As long as I wouldn't have to feed it live food or any food that looked like any other critters that I like..well..I guess I won't be getting a snake. But for a 14 year old..Cool...

EastCoastLife said...

He's a brave boy to keep a snake as a pet. :)

Dora said...

What's that fruit? Apple?

Columbo said...

That's no apple, it is the planter that the geranium grew out of (bottom).

Anonymous said...

vely heart-warming collection!

Carletta said...

John is one happy young man to have a snake around his neck! :)

What a beautiful rose!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

You showed us some great red shots. Your son looks very happy!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!
My Ruby Tuesday post is at
More of Me - EG

Leora said...

Love the mix of flowers and your son! He does look happy. I have two boys close to his age.

maryt/theteach said...

Columbo, you have a very happy young man there! I don't know if the snake is happy... yikes! I'm happy you will post GREEN next week. So will I! Happy Ruby Tuesday! And Happy St. Patrick's Day to come! :)

Sherrie said...

Great photos of your son! He's a very handsome young man! Beautiful flowers. I can't wait to get into my gardens either! Have a great day!!


Catherine said...

An happy children always illuminates pictures.
Furthermore you add some wonderful flowers, taht's a very pleasant post.

Robin said...

I love that outdoor photo - your son looks utterly delighted with life.

Amber Star said...

Your son looks so happy as only children can. The flowers are lovely, too. Nice RT photos.

Dianne said...

I love snakes, and your sone appears to love his buddy

wonderful photos

I look forward to seeing photos of your garden

The Mulligan Family said...

Nice post Honey! Love you - and love our Son. Not too sure about the snake though... still creeps me out just a little bit!

Steve Buser said...

Gosh, I like the Ruby Tuesday idea and your take on it, but I am swamped just keeping up with my blogs.

John & Skittles

John & Skittles
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